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Matt Jones 

Here at dinkybox we specialise in promoting the work of British and International Artists & Designers who love (as we do) the creation of mini figures, charms, keychains and other funky collectables. Here we look at the work of Matt Jones, a British designer who works under his own label "Lunartik" and on projects with Raymond Choy (Toy2R) and Titian Merchandise, producing many very groovy collections including the highly detailed X-Files and Edward Scissorhands mini figures.

MATT JONES "...is a British born, Berlin based multi-media artist, painter, illustrator, curator, and character – and toy designer, successfully blurring the lines between art and design. He is best known for his signature collectible toy “Lunartik in a cup of Tea” and his ongoing work for Titan Merchandise. The son of a photographer, Matt (born in Haroldwood, UK, in 1977), enjoyed as normal a childhood as any British boy during the Thatcher administration could hope for. Blessed with a creative mind, he had always been partial to expressing himself through art – dabbling with sketches, painting and colour-in books ever since he was old enough to hold a pen. Matt’s first claim to creative fame arrived while he was still in school, winning a Games Workshop design competition for their fan-favorite Warhammer 2000 AD series. And despite not really caring much for what is considered pop-culture, the accompanying confirmation of his talent firmly set him on his artistic path."  Text taken from: http://www.lunartik.com/

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