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Recommended age : 15 years and above | Not for those under 3 years | For display, not play :)

Titan Merchandise (USA) specialise in the finest quality, globally-licensed cult goodies from apparel to giftware to homeware to premium collectables based on the most exciting brands in international entertainment and here at dinkybox we have a special soft spot for their amazingly detailed mini figures sculpted by our super talented (British) friend, Matt JOnes (of Lunartik fame). This range of mini collectable figures have been designed for display rather than for play and, as such, they are aimed at collectors aged 15 years and above.

Titan mini figures are supplied to retailers in cases of 20. The chance of finding the complete set of 14 characters (in each series) are listed as a set amount out of 20. For example 2/20 (easiest to find) 1/40 (hardest to find). In order to find a 1/40 character you could easily open 40 blind boxes before you were successful! Our prices reflect a combination of how difficult a character is to find combined with it's popularity. As collectors ourselves, our prices are frequently well below the prices listed on eBay and are as fare as possible. If we don't have the figure you are looking for, please do contact us as we are always happy to help.

As always, in order to provide our lovely customers with the opportunity to complete a collection or simply purchase a favorite character, we have carefully opened a selection of blind boxes for identification purposes only. These figures are listed below with the words (open) next to their names. These figures are brand new, mint condition characters which come complete with all (carefully opened) original packaging and accessories (where applicable). For detailed information on each character please do take a moment to click on the images - once clicked you will be able to view a great deal of product and helpful information :)

For further information and/or to BUY these goodies, simply click on any image (below)...

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