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About dinkybox...

"Our priority is supporting and promoting the work of national and international artists & designers, sourcing and supplying professional artist supplies and, of course, providing excellent customer care!"

We named ourselves 'dinkybox' as we mostly sell small (dinky) sized collectable goodies which are mostly supplied in small (dinky sized) boxes and being British we wanted to relate to those uniquely British terms for 'small' that conjurer up childhood memories of desirable collectable toys, namely dinky toys and while we don't specialize in vehicles, we wholeheartedly maintain, support and promote that collectable passion associated with well made mini figures and other dinky sized collectables  :)  It should be noted that whilst we love 'toys', the majority of the goodies we sell are not toys in the traditional sense and, as such, they really are collectables designed for those aged 15 years and over. If you are looking for toys to display, we;re definitely your chaps, if you are looking for toys to play with, apologies but we're probably not the store you are looking for :)

Dinkybox currently consists of a bunch of creative types including artist/illustrator Wil Overton (how lucky are we to have such a fab chap to create our websites 'look and feel' - especially loving the artwork banner heading and Logo Wil, and hey, the background is just super groovy too! And then there's me, Sue Overton, l'm responsible for all the typo's and photo's! Occasionally our 'intern' Cam adds a new direction to our store content and we're always happy when he adds his smiley face to the team dynamic!

Many of the goodies we stock arrive at dinkybox as BLIND BOXES; that is to say that we have no idea which figure is inside which box. Whilst this adds a fantastic surprise element, to a dedicated collector it can become both frustrating and super expensive when attempting to complete a collection. Just imagine having to open 160 blind boxes to find that one figure you are looking for! As such we have very carefully opened several blind boxes in order to identify who's hiding inside. Once opened we carefully reseal with low tack magic tape. Theses pre-identified goodies are labelled with the word (open) on our website. The blind boxes which remain factory sealed are listed as 'blind boxes' as it's exactly that, a completely blind view of who's hiding inside that dinky packaging :)

We have been going since 2004 so we know a thing or two about our business and how to offer the best customer service possible. We listen to our customers and are always happy to receive your feedback along with any ideas you have on how we can improve what we offer and what we do. Our dinky little store is as lovely as it is due to you guys, our fantastic customers, and we can't thank you enough for all your kind support and super lovey, kind comments.

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Sue and everyone here at dinkybox

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