Guide Ruled Deleter Comic Book B4 Paper Type A : A very popular, smooth, heavy weighted (135g) collection of 40 sheets of premium, paper (with guides)

by Deleter (Japan)
Ops, sorry, all gone.

Deleter's own comic paper is a nice, heavy, high-quality stock with a smooth surface that's perfect for use with a pen or brush. Each sheet in the type A pad has pre-printed rulers along each edge as well as centre line markings, a drawing area guide and trim marks just like professional comic artist boards. The printing is in a very light blue (sometimes known as non-repro blue) that doesn't show up when the page is photocopied (it should be easy enough to set a scanner to not register the blue also).

This is a bigger version of the type A pad apparently for 'professionals' (probably because pros tend to draw larger and reduce down). It has the same non-repro blue markings for trim/size etc with a drawing trim area of 220x310mm.

  • 40 sheets of 135g weight paper
  • High-quality paper with a smooth surface
  • Paper Size: B4
  • Pad size - 257 x 364 mm
  • Drawing area - 220 x 310 mm
  • Professional Use with guides
  • The packaging text is in Japanese
  • Produced by Deleter, Japan

Warning: Do not consume! Not for those aged under 3yrs.

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