Deleter Tone Set Vol. 2 : Four (full sized) low density, basic dot sheets of screentone (SE-50, SE-51, SE-53 & SE-55)

by Deleter (Japan)
Ops, sorry, all gone.

Aimed at the professional tone use, this collection of complimentary, full-sized LOW-DENSITY BASIC DOT tone sheets have been produced with quality in mind, by those lovely chaps at Deleter in Japan. Dot patterns regularly used for creating shadow and/or contrast in drawings. The set is suited to a range of artwork purposes.

  • Recommended age is 15yrs and above
  • This lovely set of includes 4 sheets of screentone featuring...
  1. SE-50   55 L5%
  2. SE-51   55 L10%
  3. SE-53   55 L30%
  4. SE-55   55 L50%
  • Excellent for use with our Deleter paper
  • The packaging text is in Japanese
  • Produced by Deleter, Japan

Warning: Do not consume! Not for those aged under 3yrs.