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Bandai has been around since the 1950s and it's still going strong today as Japan's biggest toy maker. Over the years its had hands in everything from toys to animation to video games and even its own games hardware (we miss you, Wonderswan). Then, of course, there's that mythic metric ton of Gundam model kits per head of the Japanese population!

Here at dinkybox we especially love their vending machine products; the eponymous 'gachapon' capsules. The term actually refers to the vending machines that dispense the little plastic eggs of fun and is made up from the two Japanese sounds: 'gasha' (or 'gacha') for the hand-cranking action of the machine's handle, and 'pon' for the capsule landing in the collection tray. The sheer amount and variety of capsule toys is nothing short of astounding and will surely blow your mind if your only experience of that kind of thing is the rather sad western equivalent usually found in miserable motorway service stations or in cinema foyers.

All of our Bandai Japan collectable goodies are ready to post from our UK hands to your UK billing address. Please note, these collectable goodies have been designed for display and not for play, as such they are recommended for collectors aged 15 years and above. For detailed information, please click on any pic!