Blind Boxes

Blind box or perhaps, more correctly worded as blind-boxed or blind packaged is a term that has grown within the world of collectable goodies and simply means that when you opt to purchase a character from a collectable series (such as a mini figure, keychain, charm or zipper pull) the packaging does not show you which character is hiding inside any particular (identical) box/bag, i.e. you do not know (you cannot see) which little character you are buying. Blind boxes are extremely popular within the collectable designer toy (vinyl mini figure) world and are commonly associated with 'series' whereby you (as the collector) aim to complete the entire series by opening up blind boxed packages.  As might be expected, finding the figure you were hoping for is always a fantastic feeling.

Blind boxes often contain small mini figures (around 3 inches in height), keychains or charms/zipper pulls. Designer Toy companies such as Kidrobot, Medicom Toys, Titan Merchandise and Toy2R often display the chances of finding any particular blind boxed goodie which is known in the world of collecting as a ratio. The series of blind boxed goodie are usually packaged in a 'case' of 16, 20, 24 or 36 blind boxes with some character designs being fairly easy to find (and fairly likely to be received as a duplicate) with a ratio of 3/24 (in every 8 blind boxes, 1 blind box is likely to be that particular character design). Most character designs are more likely to be 1 in every case (1/24) and some are much harder to find with a ratio of 1 in every 48 (you would need to buy 2 cases of 24 blind boxes to have a chance of finding that particular character). Some designs have even higher ratios such as 1/96 - just imagine how many duplicates you would find if you went for that option! But hey, that's where we come in - we specialise in open blind boxes so that you can complete your collection or simply buy the character you most desire too - just use our menu (above) to view all our fantastic open blind boxed goodes, all ready to send from our hands to your UK home :)