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BLIND BOX Dragon Quest Stacking Slime : 1" Mini Collectable 15yrs+

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There comes a time in every desk collection when nothing will do better than a stack of Slimes. Luckily, Square-Enix toys have cleverly realised this and have released a set of DRAGON QUEST monsters that are perfect for such an endeavour. Every monster in this series can be stacked on each other. Slimes upon Slimes, a Golem standing on a stack of Slimes while holding even more Slimes. How about Ghosts upon King Slimes, holding up a Golem who's wearing a King Slime crown. The possibilities are endless.

The complete series consists of 15 different character combinations. The content of any individual blind box could include either Slime, Brownie, King Slime, Hand, Ghost Slime or Golem (in various colours and combinations).

Please note, when purchasing more than one blind box, duplicates may occur. Apologies but we cannot accept the return of blind boxes which have been opened by the customer. Please see our returns section for full details. Thank you.

  • Recommended age is 15yrs and above
  • Originally packaged as a case of 12 blind boxes
  • Single box size: 5 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Average box weight: 20g
  • JAN Code: 4988601218236
  • Each mini-figure comes complete with original (Japanese) packaging and line sheet
  • Official SQEX product
  • Original release date: January 2011
  • Ready to send to YOUR UK billing address
  • Designed for display, not play (i.e. this goodie is NOT a toy)

Warning: Possible choking hazard. Not for those aged under 3yrs

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