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Heroes of Burgertown

This completely groovy collection of 3" collectable mini figures are the work of doodler supremo, Jon Burgerman. Jon is a well established, British, international artist/illustrator who is famous for his distinctive and various character and creature designs. You can find his work featured in everything from magazines, galleries and in the form of urban vinyl art toys. This limited edition of Burgertown characters is the collaborative work of Mr Burgerman and the well-established vinyl toy company, Kidrobot (USA). Each character is beautifully designed with stunning paintwork detail. 

All of our Heroes of Bugertown mini figures are ready to post from our UK hands to your UK billing address. Please note, these collectable goodies have been designed for display and not for play, as such they are recommended for collectors aged 15 years and above. For detailed information, please click on any pic!

LINE-UP (16 in total including 3 CHASE figures)

Doofus | Yimmi Bites | Tiny Hero | Coco Gulab Juman | Tittymon | Zomboo | Alfonzo | Dinkton Wallis | Sausage | Collie | Piccalilcus | Wilhelm | The Gobbler | Mendaline (Chase) | Bimlar (Chase) | Golden Bimlar (Chase)