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Kidrobot LOONEY TUNES Collectables...

This series of highly stylised Looney Tunes characters features the creative work of Kidrobot (USA) senior product designer Michael Ly. The collectable mini figure series consists of a classic line-up of 12 collectable mini-figures. Each figure stands at approximately 75mm (3 inches). Each figure is can be posed slightly as the figures have moveable heads and arms. Many of the figures come with small accessories and all contain small parts.* The line-up for the mini-figures includes Bugs Bunny | Duffy Duck | Foghorn Leghorn | Marvin the Martian | Pepe Le Pew | Porky Pig | The Road Runner | Sylvester The Cat | The Tazamalian Devil | Tweety Pie | Wile E. Coyote.  Each figure has been produced by Kidrobot (USA) and manufactured in China. The original release date was Jan 2016.

As always, to offer our customers the chance to complete a collection or simply purchase a favourite character, we have carefully opened the packaging of serval 'blind' boxes to discover who is hiding inside. All open blind boxes contain mint condition goodies and come complete with all original packaging and accessories (where applicable) unless otherwise specified. And for those who love the surprise of finding out who is hiding inside, we have blind box options too!

Each of the goodies from the Kidrobot Looney Tunes collections are designed for DISPLAY rather than play.
The recommended age for each of the Mini Figures and Keychains is 15years and above. These goodies are NOT toys.
*Warning: Possible choking hazard. Not for those aged under 3yrs.