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In the '90s golden age of the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive video game company Konami gave us hits like Castlevania, Gradius, Parodius, Twin Bee and the joy that was TMNT Turtles In Time. A bit later in the PlayStation era they were still going strong with the likes of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid (oh, and about 10 million versions of Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania) but nowadays, although the rhythm games have all but taken over we still love Konami for Goemon, Sparkster and Vic Viper.

All of our Konami collectable goodies are ready to post from our UK hands to your UK billing address. Please note, these collectable goodies have been designed for display and not for play, as such they are recommended for collectors aged 15 years and above. For detailed information, please click on any pic!