Deleter White Ink 1 : 30ml of easy to use smooth white ink. Ideal for detailed artwork

by Deleter (Japan)
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If, like us, you love to draw and you have a passion for using the highest quality ink possible for your artwork, then please do give the Deleter range of inks a try. We sell these inks to professional artists and to beginners, all of whom pop back often for a 'top up' - this is a very popular ink brand. All of our Deleter goodies are ready to post from our hands to your UK billing address so get those paint brushes and dipping pens ready and do feel free to send us a pic of your artwork, we are ALWAYS keen to take a peek :)

  • Recommended age is 15yrs and above
  • The No.1 white ink is useful for detail work 
  • Excellent for use with our Deleter nibs and brushes
  • Produces lovely, smooth flowing line artwork
  • The additional information text (on the label) is in Japanese
  • Contains 30ml of ink packaged inside a sturdy, plastic, screw lid bottle (the bottle is approximately 2 inches in height)
  • Produced by Deleter, Japan

Warning: Do not consume! Not for those aged under 3yrs.

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