Tachikawa & Co., Ltd.

Established in 1943, Tachikawa & Co., Ltd. Japanese company who specialise in the production of stationery supplies. Their products are highly popular with professional cartoonist, Here in the UK, their popularity is constantly growing due to their manga pen nibs (calligraphy style) which have tips which allow the individual artist's personality to shine through, as the pens are very responsive and easy to use. We stock both the fine and the extra fine manga pens and recommend that you maintain these pens by using them daily, give then a little clean daily and store flat.  For details on selecting, using and maintaining nibs we recommend taking a peek at a lovely little website that we think is pretty cool: ThoughtCo.

All of our Tachikawa goodies are ready to post from our UK hands to your UK billing address. For detailed information, please click on any pic!