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Kidrobot x Scott Tolleson Dunny The Odd Ones

We are totally knocked out by the beautiful, extremely well-considered paintwork and sculpts on this series of Kidrobot 'The Odd One's' Dunny collectable mini figures by Scott Tolleson. These chaps are right up our street, character wise. We're massive fans of the good old horror genre and these characters certainly don't disappoint. We're especially loving the Invisible Man and the detailing work on the Argyle Warrior is just stunning.

The chances of finding each character within a case of 20 blind boxes are stated (by Kidrobot) as follows: Ghoulie Jill 2/20 | Hopper the Cereal Killer 2/20 | Gnaw the Hell-Hound 2/20 | Argh Barber 2/20 | Bugga Bugga 2/20 | Francis 2/20 | Blargo 3/40 | Ghoulie Jack 3/40 | Almost Invisible Man 3/40 | Lucyfur 1/20 | Howie Philips 1/20 | Argyle Warrior 1/40 | Professor Heckle 3/80 | Pink Francis Chase 1/80. Originally released during 2016. For an alternative look at the complete collection, check out the fab 'All Vinyls' website.

All of our OPEN BLIND BOX goodies are in perfect condition. The packaging has been carefully opened for identification purposes only. All goodies come complete with all original packaging and (where applicable) each come with their original accessories.