Toy2R Simpson Qees

Here at dinkybox we have been stocking Toy2R collectable keychains from way back when we were a new kid on the 'art toy' scene (yep, right back in 2004) and we're still in love with these cute little figures produced by visionary, Raymond Choy. Based in Hong Kong, Mr Choy is credited as being one of the first people to put toys into an art context. His pioneering idea to create blank, uniform figures (such as his Bear design) and then inviting artists and designers to customise these blank figures has given birth to the unique world of collectable art toys. These customised characters are usually produced as part of a collectable series with some larger 'one-off; larger, limited editions'. Occassionally, such as here, Mr Choy joins forces with other leading brands to produce a range of and collaborative designs such as these totally desireable Simpson collectable mini Qee figures. 

Qee figures come complete with a keychain attachment making each collectable mini figure perfect for dangling from your set of house/car keys. Normally sold as blind-boxed collectables, we have carefully opened a selection in order to offer our customers the ability to choose a particular favourite or the ability to complete a collection. These figures contain small parts and are designed for display rather than play. Each figure is a mini piece of collectable art aimed at collectors aged 15yrs and over.