EX-PHOTO OPEN PACKAGING Toy2R Spider Baby Boom : 1" Solid Baby Boom mini figure (complete with all original packaging)

by Ugly Doll

Spider Baby Boom are mini vinyl figures created by Sun-Min-Kim. These little crazy spiders were on of Sun-Mins first ventures into the collectable art toy world. Apparently, the Spider-Boom is the "spider of all spiders" as every time she eats a cake, she becomes pregnant with a baby boom! Perhaps that explains the little chef's hat that each spider has included inside their little box? Normally sold as blind-boxed goodies, this chap has had his packaging carefully opened in order to discover him inside! - Please note, his plastic bag has also been opened.

  • Recommended age is 15yrs and above
  • Packaging opened for identification and for photographing
  • All original packaging and accessories (where applicable) included
  • Approximate figure height = 25mm (1 inches)
  • Approximate weight (including box) = 40g
  • Ready to send from our UK hands to YOUR UK billing address
  • Designed for display, not play (i.e. this goodie is NOT a toy)

Warning: Possible choking hazard. Not for those aged under 3yrs

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