Uglydoll & Spider Baby Boom

During February 2001 the world was introduced to some Uglydolls that are so ugly they are adorable! The brainchild of artist David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim born from an idea from a long distance letter between the two before they were able to marry. The couple have gone on to produce many Uglydoll creations and our own son has grown up with quite a varied (and beloved) collection of his very own. Sun-Min has also gone on to produce a series of very desirable little spiders under the brand name 'Spider Baby Boom'. 

All of our Uglydoll / Spider Baby Boom collectable goodies are ready to post from our UK hands to your UK billing address. Please note, these collectable goodies have been designed for display and not for play, as such they are recommended for collectors aged 15 years and above. For detailed information, please click on any pic