Our Story

Way back in 2003 when Wil and l became parents for the first time, we made the decision for one of us to become a 'stay at home' parent for a few months. Wil kept his job as a concept artist at the computer gaming company, Rare, while l gave up my post at the same company, to become a full-time mum. As an interactive media designer, to keep my 'hand-in' l looked into e-commerce, an area of the web that at that time, was still 'emerging' as it provided an engaging way of keeping my skills up to date plus l could go all out in updating my skills in photography (baby pics aside), product photography became my new 'thing'.

As we both come from a visual, creative background (and as we have never really 'grown-up') one of our first purchases for our son, when we discovered we were pregnant, was a sealed case of Pete Fowler Monsterism mini figures (aka blind box vinyl art toys) and when they arrived, we were hit with the collecting bug. Collecting art toys is a passion shared by many and we are super happy to have so many absolutely lovely customers who have, honestly, become friends. For those of you who are new to our store, welcome, it's good to meet you :) Just one quick note, art toys are not toys in the traditional sense as they have been designed for display rather than play and, as such, they are aimed at collectors aged over 15 years. Those Monsterism figures (purchased for our son all those years ago) remain firmly on the display shelf in our son's bedroom and when he turns 15, he can actually open those remaining sealed boxes!

Some of our earliest dinkybox goodies featured 'manga' style art supplies mostly due to the fact that Wil used to work with art supplies that he sourced from Japan. We made the decision to 'buy in bulk' and used the excess supplies to develop a 'manga art supplies' side to our web store and today we are very happy to say (from the fab feedback supplied by our lovely customers) that we are considered as one of the top places to 'go to' for professional Japanese art supplies (thanks, guys, you rock). 

Soon after we discovered a Japanese supplier and we went a bit bonkers and purchased more and more amazing goodies made by equally obsessed creative individuals and companies (James Jarvis, Raymond Choy, Paul Bandtz, Medicom Toys, etc.,) and ever since we have made supporting and promoting the work of artists and designers (and those who are just crazy) by offering for sale the goodies that quite honestly, we totally love!

Coincidently the things we love seem to be quite small and often come packaged in equally small boxes which mirrored our small, British business perfectly. What other name could we have chosen for ourselves, given our English heritage and small, boxed goodies, but dinkybox - dinky being a uniquely British term for 'small' that conjures up childhood memories of desirable collectable toys, namely dinky toys, and while we don't specialise in vehicles, we wholeheartedly maintain, support and promote that collectable passion associated with well made mini figures and other dinky sized collectables and those who (like us) collect :)