Bandai (Japan) Narikiri Hello Kitty Collection 3 BLIND GACHAPON - Just who will arrive at your UK home? 15yrs+

by Bandai

Loving this collection of 6 Narikiri Hello Kitty Mascot charms produced by Bandai (Japan). The collection features Hello Kitty dressed as six, different and very popular Japanese characters including KamenRider, No.2 Choker Combatant, Pigmon, Science Special Forces Member, Godzilla and King Ghidorah. Each comes complete with a little cord which you can use to attach to your keys, zipper pull or whatever you fancy and each figure is packaged inside a sweet little gachapon ball.

Please note, we can sort of make out which figure is contained within each gachapon ball so when you purchase a blind version, we promise to close our eyes when picking out your goodie, this being said, when purchasing more than one blind gachapon, duplicates may occur (although we will do our best to make sure duplicates are at a minimum).

  • Recommended age is 15yrs and above
  • Originally available as UFO Gashapon content
  • The complete series consists of 6 collectable sound drops
  • Each 1" mascot charm comes complete with original packaging and line sheet (in Japanese)
  • Approximate box size: 25mm (1 inch)
  • Approximate weight (including ball) = 40g
  • Produced by Bandai, Japan
  • Original release date: August 2009
  • Ready to send from our UK hands to YOUR UK billing address
  • Designed for display, not play (i.e. this goodie is NOT a toy)

Warning: Possible choking hazard. Not for those aged under 3yrs

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