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Deleter Scenery Collection Vol. 2 : Restaurant (Perfect for comic book backgrounds and for practicing screentone techniques)

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Create a professional background for your manga style creations with this selection of 20, license-free background line drawings. The collection contains 48 line drawings in total - some of which are repeated designs in various line thickness. This "Scenery Collection" series is very useful for making comic or animations. You can photocopy these images to increase the size and then can use the images as they are, as backgrounds, or you can add various screentone to the image to really personalise the effect - the choice is yours :) - Alternatively, you could simply use the book as a reference to create your own images from.

  • Overall book size: 180mm x 250mm (approximately)
  • Tip - when photocopying place a black sheet of paper behind the image you wish to photocopy to prevent bleed-through from other pages. If you do not have a sheet of black paper, lift the lid of the photocopier and press 'go' to take an image of nothing - this should result in a black printout.
  • To make your image larger (for example to go from A4 to A3) you need to increase the size percentage to 141%. To decrease from an A3 image to an A4 size you need to decrease the size percentage to 71%.
  • The book is perfect bound but you could use a blade (please be careful) to separate the pages from the spine - this would make photocopying the pages much easier (just an idea).