Deleter Trial Pen Set : Interchangeable (Free Style) 12.5cm nib holder, 3 different Deleter nibs + 1x plain postcard

by Deleter (Japan)
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This is a very nice feeling pen nib holder made from wood with a light lacquered finish. The thicker end has a 'slot' where you insert the (Deleter) nib of your choice. This holder will hold both the Deleter Comic and the Deleter Zebra range of nibs (one nib at a time).

  • Recommended age is 15yrs and above
  • Suitable for use with any of our Deleter pen nibs 
  • 1 x Free-style pen holder (which you insert the nibs into)
  • 1 x G-pen Nib / 1 x 1 Maru-Pen Nib / 1 x Saji-Pen Nib
  • 1 x Postcard Sized Comic Paper 
  • Pen holder made from wood for a lovely, tactile experience
  • Japanese packaging with Japanese text
  • Produced by Deleter, Japan

Warning: Don't chew the end, that's not very hygienic :) Not for those aged under 3yrs.