OPEN BOX HPKM Collectors Japanese Pokémon Keshipoke : 1" Serperior Collectable Mini Figure + 4" Eraser Ball 15yrs+

by HPKM Collectors

This tiny little Pokemon figure comes inside a pokéballs which, according to research, can be used as an 'eraser'. For more information, we suggest popping over to the lovely website hpkmncollectors. This chap and his six friends are old store stock that we are very happy to be able to add to our website. The seven Pokémon Black and White characters featured within this collectable series include Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Reshiram, Victini, Zekrom and Pikachu plus a chase MASTER BALL with a secret character. And as always, to offer our customers the chance to complete a collection or simply purchase a favourite character, we have carefully opened the package of serval boxes (including this one) to discover who is hiding inside.

  • Recommended age is 15yrs and above
  • Each figure stands at approximately 1 inches high 
  • Comes complete with all original (Japanese) packaging
  • Lovely Japanese packaging
  • Opened for identification purposes only.
  • Each figure is a collectable and is NOT a toy
  • Comes complete with all carefully pre-opened packaging
  • Hard to find old store stock from 2011
  • Ready to send from our UK hands to YOUR UK billing address
  • Designed for display, not play (i.e. this goodie is NOT a toy)

Warning: Possible choking hazard. Not for those aged under 3yrs

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